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Frequently Asked Questions

Our DD wardrobe specialist will take you shopping to shops that are affordable to you to give you a current, stylish look.

Our DD personal trainer will help you shed those pounds and inches and will create a menu that will keep you eating healthy.

Our DD hair sylist will take years off of you with a new hairstyle

Our DD interior designer will turn your bachelor pad into a romantic haven so you can feel proud to have your date over for a candlelit dinner.

Our DD photographer will take flattering photos of you to represent yourself in a positive way.


I have been married for 14 years and for the first time in my life I’m single. HELP!!

DD will give you to tools to improve your self esteem by doing dating situation role playing.

I have been dating this person for 6 months and we really care about each other but we’re trying to deal with one anothers issues. What can we do.

DD will help you with issues in your current relationship to make it a healthier and happier one.

I really like this person but the sex isn’t great. Should we call it off?

Sex is a very important ingredient in a healthy relationship.
DD will work with you and your partner on showing you ways of improving, and enhancing that area of your relationship. A good sex life goes a long way!!

I keep choosing the wrong partners and continually getting into messy relationships. What’s wrong with me?

DD will help you change your pattern. We call it the “180 degree turn around”.

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