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Dating Designers Remodels
       Your Love Life for You

Our DD wardrobe specialist will take you shopping to shops that are affordable to you to give you a current, stylish look.

Our DD personal trainer will help you shed those pounds and inches and will create a menu that will keep you eating healthy.

Our DD hair sylist will take years off of you with a new hairstyle

Our DD interior designer will turn your bachelor pad into a romantic haven so you can feel proud to have your date over for a candlelit dinner.

Our DD Photographer will take photographs of you that capture your beauty so you can make the right first impression.


Finding love is very personal. Dating Designers approaches match-making with that in mind. We believe that the best way to find the perfect match for our clients is to really know them. So we spend time with our clients. We find out who they are, what makes them happy, and what are their dreams. We learn about their background, their lifestyle, and their desires. Developing a personal relationship with our clients allows us to find that one person who will truly be the perfect match.

At Dating Designers we take our years of experience finding love and marriage for our clients and mix it with your dreams. We match our clients based on a high level of compatibility, shared values, mutual goals, a strong attraction and a solid dose of intuition. At Dating Designers we also offer coaching. We know that dating can be an art and we want our clients to have the best possible outcome. We coach our clients through the dating process, offer relationship advice, sexual advice, and much more. We want you to walk through that door with as much confidence as possible. Because we are a boutique agency, we can be very selective with our clientele. As a result, our clientele is made up of successful, attractive, eligible men and women, many of whom are too busy in their daily lives and have turned to us.

Our philosophy is simple: There's someone for everyone, but that someone is not always easy to find. Dating Designers is dedicated to finding that someone for you.

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